FreshWind Ministries

About FreshWind Ministries

FreshWind Ministries was founded by The Rev. Mike Flynn in 1985. For its first 11 years, it was an ourtreach arm of St. Jude's Episcopal Church in Burbank, California. FreshWind was incorporated as a non-profit corporation in 1995, and Mike began leading the ministry full-time in 1996.

Rev. Flynn experienced a life-changing infilling of the Holy Spirit in 1972. During 1984, he was discipled in what has become known as Power Ministry by John Wimber.

From his earliest days in renewal, Mike knew that this blessing had to be given away to others. He has proclaimed and imparted blessings of the Spirit to the wider church ever since.

What Do We Do?

We teach, model and impart responsiveness to the Holy Spirit for life and ministry. This involves solidly Bible-based materials.

WHO.  FreshWind is a loose affiliation of 3,143 team members, 222 intercessors, 572 client groups, and a 9-member ecumenical Board under the direction of Mike Flynn.

WHAT. FreshWind responds to invitations by assessing need and opportunity, creating appropriate teaching and ministry formats, assembling resources, and putting on events.

KINDS OF TOPICS.  FreshWind has led events focusing on the whole area of Healing, on Ministry Development, on Spiritual Growth, on Congregational Dynamics, on Leadership Enhancement, on Men's Issues, and on a variety of similar subjects.  Each area contains several  sub-parts. For instance, under Healing: Overview of Jesus' Healing Ministry, Healing and the Kingdom of God, A Five-Step Model of Ministry, Emotional Healing, Dealing with the Demonic, Having Faith for Healing, Calling Down the Holy Spirit, Chronic and Difficult Conditions, The Dying, Developing a Healing Ministry in a Local Church, Finding the Right Style of Ministry for your Church, Ministry Team Values, Post-Ministry Guidelines. (See the Themes and Titles header.)

KINDS OF CLIENTS.  FreshWind has done events for mainline churches (Episcopal, Presbyterian, Methodist, Lutheran), as well as Vineyard, Four Square, Assemblies of God, Evangelical, and Adventist churches; it has served ministry and missions organizations such as YWAM, InterVarsity, New Wineskins Missionary Network, St. Stephen's Society (Hong Kong), Fuller Seminary, Life Bible College, Hong Kong Graduate School of Theology, the Anglican Churches of New Zealand, Australia, Uganda, Canada, Brazil, Argentina and various non-denominational groupings in the US (34 states) and abroad (12 countries).

MIKE FLYNN.  Mike is a graduate of UCSB and The University of the South where he obtained B.A. and M.Div. degrees. He was ordained in the Episcopal Church in 1966 and served 4 congregations in the Los Angeles area for 30 years.  A life-changing in-filling with the Holy Spirit in 1972 and subsequent mentoring by Agnes Sanford in the 70's and John Wimber in the 80's strongly impacted Mike's life and ministry. During his pastorate at St. Jude's in Burbank, CA, Mike and 1100 team members led 150 conferences in the US and Pacific Rim.  In 1996 he began leading FreshWind full-time.  He has written numerous articles and five books: Holy Vulnerability, Inner Healing, The Mustard Seed Book, Making Disciples, and How To Be Good Without Really Trying.  He and his wife Sue have been married 56 years, have 4 sons and 8 grandchildren. They live in Camarillo, California.