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Book Cover: Take Prayer Days by Mike Flynn

Take Prayer Days ($7)

Mike has been taking monthly prayer days for over 40 years. These events, which differ significantly from daily prayer times, have enabled him to get guidance from the Lord which has resulted in leading churches he has pastored into renewal and ministries both domestic and around the world. This brief booklet may serve as motivation and direction for fulfilling which God has planned to do through you. Chapters:

  • What Was Jesus’ Pattern?
  • Find a Pattern that Works for You
  • A Crucial Hearing Test
  • Hear Through Nature
  • Keep A Folder
  • Emergency Prayer Days
  • The Holy Spirit's Immediacy
  • When Prophecy Comes
  • What Nothing is Happening
  • Conclusion

Book Cover: How To Be Good Without Really Trying

How To Be Good Without Really Trying ($15)
Subtitle: Letting Jesus Live His Life In You.

The primary way to honor God is to obey Him:"Why do you call me, 'Lord, Lord' and do not do what I say?" This book looks at Jesus' top 7 commands and encourages us to follow them. Many stories of real occasions told with profound honesty. There will be 3 basic positions in afterlife: that of the damned, of the just saved, and of the rewarded. Encouragement to be among the rewarded. Chapters include:

  • The Commands of Christ.
  • The Seventh Command: Hear. The Sixth Command: Grow Up.
  • The Fifth Command: Give.
  • The Fourth Command: Watch.
  • The Third Command: Forgive.
  • The Second Command: Believe.
  • The First Command: Love.
  • Your Goodness Proves Mine.
  • Appendices: Discipleship Group Discussions. About the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. The Two Trees in the Garden (a sermon).

Book Cover: Holy Vulnerability

Holy Vulnerability ($12)
Subtitle: The Risks and Rewards of Opening Up to God

Subtitled The Risks and Rewards of Opening Up to God, each chapter in this book challenges and encourages the reader to explore vulnerability to God with reference to Scripture, Discomfort, Jesus' Worldview, Jesus' Headship, Oneself, Spiritual Warfare, Guidance, Communality, Authority, and the Presence of Jesus. The lives of many leaders in the church have been impacted by this book. Chapters include:

  • Interacting with God.
  • Vulnerability to Scripture.
  • Vulnerability to Discomfort.
  • Vulnerability to Jesus' Worldview.
  • Vulnerability to the Headship of Jesus.
  • Vulnerability to Self.
  • Vulnerability to Spiritual Warfare.
  • Vulnerability to Guidance.
  • Vulnerability to God's Collective View of His People
  • Vulnerability to Authority.
  • Vulnerability to the Presence of Jesus.

Book Cover: Inner Healing

Please note: By a decision of InterVarsity Press this book is now only available through Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Inner Healing ($17)
Subtitle: A Handbook for Helping Yourself & Others

This straightforward handbook by Mike Flynn and Doug Gregg shows how God can set a new course for our lives and provides us all the tools necessary to embark on a journey of inner healing. Writing from a biblical perspective which seeks to correct common myths and misunderstandings about this vital ministry, Flynn and Gregg's work will be valued both by those who want to help their hurting friends and neighbors and by those who are seeking healing in their own lives. Chapters include:

  • What is the ministry of inner healing?
  • How we became involved in inner healing.
  • Theological underpinnings.
  • Using the Bible in inner healing.
  • Jesus' healing authority.
  • Jesus' healing love.
  • Praying for oneself.
  • Praying for others.
  • Psychological factors.
  • Frequent mistakes.
  • Working with the Spirit.
  • Spiritual Warfare.
  • Wider dimensions of inner healing.
  • Appendix: Martha's story.

Book Cover: Making Disciples

Making Disciples (2 for $7)
Subtitle: Following Jesus' Model

Subtitled Following Jesus' Model, this booklet provides a guide for being discipled and discipling others as it examines 7 behaviors used by Jesus as He made disciples out of his followers: He prayed for them, recruited them, hung out with them, taught them, apprenticed them, debriefed them, and anointed them. The whole thrust of this material is that any believer can help make disciples for Jesus by following these guidelines. Chapters include:

  • He prayed for them.
  • He recruited them.
  • He hung out with them.
  • He taught them.
  • He apprenticed them.
  • He debriefed them.
  • He anointed them.

Book Cover: Mustard Seed Book

Mustard Seed Book ($15)
Subtitle: Growing Faith in Your Own Backyard

Mike Flynn says that faith is like a "baseball glove which catches the fly balls of His revelation of Himself to us". In this easy-to-read yet meaty primer for every Christian--that makes faith less vague and more "do-able"--readers will be energized and enlightened as they learn to use that "spiritual stuff without which it is impossible to please God". Chapters include:

I: GOD'S REASONS FOR FAITH. God's stake in our faith. What He has given us to have faith with.

II. THE WAYS OF FAITH. How faith works. Effective methods and models.

III. CURRENT ENEMIES OF FAITH. Cultural conditionings. Spiritual attacks. Christian misteaching. False notions about doubt. Flying solo.

IV. DEEPER ISSUES. The gift of faith. Faith and freedom. Sovereign will. Inexorable love.

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