[This prayer is written in the conviction that we say our prayers the wrong way round; that we approach the Eternal
Father direct, ignoring that it is the Holy Spirit Who binds and knits us to the Son, and that only in the Son do we properly approach the Father.
This is the Way of Revelation.
This prayer is thus primarily concerned with the right line of approach; the words in which it is expressed are written, with humility, as mere suggestions.
Such prayers should be said slowly; or brooded over; or thought and felt; and the time taken should not be less than ten minutes--part of our daily morning gift to God of our time, which should include reading of the Gospels.
"May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all."
2 Cor 13.14.]


            Come into my heart and fill me:
            I open the windows of my soul to let Thee in.
            I surrender my whole life to Thee:
            Come and possess me, fill me with light and truth.
            I offer to Thee the one thing I really possess:
            My capacity for being filled by Thee.
            Of myself I am an unprofitable servant,
            An empty vessel.
            Fill me so that I may live the life of the Spirit,
            The life of Truth and Goodness; the life of Beauty
            and Love, the life of Wisdom and Strength.
            And guide me today in all things:
            Guide me to the people I should meet or help;
            To the circumstances in which I can best serve God,
            Whether by my action, or by my sufferings.
            But, above all, make Christ to be formed in me,
            That I may dethrone self in my heart And make Him King.
            Bind and cement me to Christ by all Thy ways known and unknown:
            By holy thoughts, and unseen graces, and sacramental ties,
            So that He is in me, and I in Him, today, and for ever.



            I bless and praise Thee because I am in Thee:
            I realize that my life is now included in Thine:
            I am part of Thee: bound to Thee by the Spirit.
            It is no longer I that live to myself,
            My life is hid with Thee, and in Thee.
            Do Thou speak through me, act through me,
            Work through me, suffer in me, die in me,
            Rise again in me, and ascend to the Father in me:
            Because thou art in me, and I in Thee.
            I remember all Thou has done for me:
            Thy Birth, Thy work, Thy weariness,
            Thy love, Thy scourging, Thy Cross and Death,
            Thy Resurrection, Thy glory, and Thy salvation offered:
            Thy gift of the Church as Thy mystical Body.
            For all this I humbly thank Thee, and give to Thee
            My worship, my loyalty, my love, my service.
            But, above all, I pray Thee, bring me to the Father
                 that in Thee--the Way--
            I may approach Him, and worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.
            For the Father seeketh such to worship Him.



            In Christ I worship Thee
            Together with the whole Church, His mystical Body.
            I praise, adore, and worship Thee, in Him.
            Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord God of Hosts.
            Heaven and earth are full of the Majesty of Thy glory.
            In the worship, the love, the obedience
            Which Thy dear Son (in the name and nature of man),
            offered, and offers to Thee, I would have my part;
            Because, by the power of the Spirit, I am in Him.
            By the sacrifice of His Cross I ask for my           
            forgiveness and for the forgiveness of the world.
            And for all that Thou hast done for Thy Creation
            I thank Thee; and for Thy blessings to me and all mankind.
            And I pray Thee to bless us, and use us, day by day;
            To bless me, and Thy Church, and all men,
            And all I love.
            And for Christ's sake forgive us all:
            Our treacheries and weaknesses; our apathy and neglect;
            our lusts and hardness; our coldness to others.
             All we remember of evil done, all we cannot remember,
             forgive, for Christ's sake.      Amen.