FreshWind Ministries

Ministries of FreshWind

FreshWind Ministries can come alongside your people at three levels of ministry in order to achieve change in three areas of life and ministry.

Three Levels of Ministry:

  • Teaching: The task in teaching is to present material that honors Scripture without veering into Bible-sounding theories that deal death instead of life. FreshWind's teachers have long-standing testing in living out and teaching the tenets of the Bible with truth and realistic applicability. They present a fresh vibrancy to the Word of God.
  • Modeling: FreshWind frequently brings a team of lay people to an event. During the event, these team members live out what is being taught in a natural but Spirit-dependent manner which provides a model for others to observe and follow.
  • Imparting: All who are present experience teaching, observe modeling, and receive various degrees of impartation. However, the host organization is asked to provide key members who closely side-kick with FreshWind's team members for the duration of the event's teaching sessions, ministry times, and down times. Through teamwork, debriefing sessions and personal sharing, host members are given hands-on learning experiences.